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Upsell for Success

This is communications and upselling training for success, to

  • maximize on all unexploited profit potential
  • create an experience for your guests  
  • motivate good members of staff and promote workforce loyalty and retention 

In some hotels reservation and front office staff are able to achieve really good turnover by upselling. We are seeing annual figures in the region of 50,000 and 250,000 Euro. The advantage of such turnover is that there are hardly any costs involved. Upsell turnover is in effect all profit, and who doesn’t want to see more in-house profit?

In other hotels we hear the objection: "That won’t work for us because …" In all cases I can show that it does work when… staff are properly trained, enjoy selling and they are offering guests better service and above all a pleasurable shopping experience.

Hard selling is no longer "in" and is viewed negatively by both staff and guests. No one wants to be a hard seller. "Service selling" offers members of staff the opportunity to see selling as a service to the guest. The guest is given the opportunity to choose a great offer over and above what was originally selected. If he chooses to go with this he enjoys a special shopping experience. If he chooses not to go with this he has still made a good choice. Suddenly, the employee feels no longer under pressure, to sell. When it comes to promoting sales, fun and effortlessness are "in", pressure is "out". They need sustained training to change and redefine communications patterns that have become entrenched over the years. Within certain parameters people are capable of change but there are two necessary prerequisites: we have to want to change and we need regular training over a period of some six to nine months.

To this end we offer twelve half day modules over a period of a year. This gives employees the opportunity to put what they have heard and learnt into practice and then feed their experience back in the next training session. We are not born excellent, we become excellent through practice.





Additional monthly profit

prior to training

Additional monthly profit

post training

Additional monthly profit

after second training

City hotel

300 rooms
5* deluxe

4.500 EUR

10.000 EUR

20.000 EUR

Rural hotel
150 rooms

0.00 EUR

2.000 EUR

4.000 EUR

City hotel
95 rooms
5* deluxe

2.000 EUR

8.000 EUR

17.000 EUR

The return on investment often begins to rise significantly just three months into training! I would be delighted to put you in touch with clients who are happy to provide a reference. Hear about their results and make your own mind up.

You want to act now?

As each and every hotel has its own very individual circumstances you will receive an individually tailored proposal. Upsell training is particularly suited to the following departments:

  • Reservations
  • Reception / Front office
  • Guest relations
  • Banquets / Conferences


I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards

Melanie Ortner