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We know that a "sale" is a perfectly natural transaction between two parties. Being in sales means being there with professional expertise and social skills and providing a service to your customers. Being successful at sales means recognising people’s needs and wanting to serve them from the bottom of your heart. So, it is all a question of training and attitude – a positive approach.

We need to be fully aware that a transaction can only be considered to have been good when both parties are satisfied. That’s when sales start to be fun and long-term success is assured. Our experience has shown that a sales team can be motivated in an entirely new way. Rather than coming from a short term financial incentive provided by the company, motivation becomes long term with a degree of individual responsibility. People see that sales can involve fun, integrity and success.

With many years’ experience in sales and training to draw on our work follows the successful principles governing "Service Selling". We want people in sales to enjoy what they do so that subsequently through this, their companies can enjoy even more success. The science behind the content and methods used in our training comes from positive and systemic psychology. Current brain and behaviour research shows that communication and behavioural patterns can be trained or changed within a six to nine month period. The training session frequency is set so that optimum results are achieved for your company. Our "Integrative system for senior management in sales" is an elementary trainings component of our "Service Selling" programme. People’s leadership skills have a major impact on the success of a sales team. All that remains is to pick the right moment when all of the cogs are aligned and the machinery can run smoothly.

Experience in sales on the open market, in sales training and in High Performance Coaching bestows this professional development with the necessary practical experience, which in turn is your guarantee of success. Exciting training sessions, the opportunity to immediately implement what has been learnt, the guarantee of practical success and a very tangible upsurge in motivation are what await you and your team. Are you ready?

Sales training

  • "Pleasant, successful, simply sell well" – Sales training with the key to success
     Love sales and quite simply – be successful
  • "Certified Service Seller" – Sales training for sales professionals,
    Readjustment of sales teams and preparation for new marketing situations
  • "Upsell for Success" – Communication and upsell training for the hospitality industry
    Short term and long term increases in upsell turnover in the accommodation sector