Ortner Coaching
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Individual coaching

Individual coaching is a process that takes at least six months which is why our coaching-pack includes ten sessions that provide a realistic time-frame to find your goals, to define your goals and to be able to realise and achieve your first goals.

New perspectives lead to new optional courses of action. You will define your own personal goals and wishes and then find suitable ways achieve these or find appropriate alternatives. Together you will set intermediary goals that will give you belief in your ability to achieve your ultimate goal, reservations disappear and you take the first steps on your pathway to achieving your goal. Individual support provides you with the opportunity to focus on finding the people and frameworks that will help you achieve your goals. The coaching process turns the focus on to future positive success. It channels your energies into acquiring the opportunity that will enable you to positively shape the future for yourself and others.  Following positive psychology guidelines that have been proven to be effective, you will discover patterns of behaviour and ways of communicating that will bring positive results as soon as they are put into practice. These intermediary goals provide incredible motivation to tackle further change.

Having an insight into interpersonal relationships will enable you to recognise the people around you who are supportive and how you can move freely in these relationships and satisfy your own striving for personal happiness. Such insight will also help you recognise how you can strengthen connections to those people who are important to you.

Coaching will help you to better recognise and trust your true potential. This enables you not only to put into words what you want, but also to focus on implementing what you want. This is a developmental process that relies on personal responsibility and self-awareness. You are being true to yourself. During the process you will develop freedom of action and your ability to bond which represents significant success for everyone.

Each and every individual coaching session is fully tailored to what is currently important to you. To do this we employ a wide range of tools and methods. The focal point is always your individual success and your personal satisfaction.