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The most elementary tool that will help us achieve our goals is communication. In our culture and society the way in which we communicate has a fundamental influence on how successful we are and the amount of recognition we receive. Coaching and Training offers some excellent opportunities to discover not only successful ways to communicate with others but also the extent to which we can influence the reactions of others. Coaching and Training goes a lot further than just imparting knowledge. Coaching and Training provide something far more important: they give feedback on the impact your communication and behaviour have and train you how to implement what you know on a day-to-day basis. So, you reach your goals with ease and pleasure and your life will develop just as you want it to.


Coaching sessions focus on the individual. Coaching is a service. But what service can coaching provide? The terms "coach" and "coaching" originate from the world of sport. Every single Olympic medal winner has her or his own coach. A coach is someone who walks alongside you on your road to excellence.

What is the role of a coach?

  • To keep the bigger picture and the over-riding goal in their sights
  • To give detailed and immediate feedback  
  • To achieve long-term results that resonate far beyond the time-limited sessions with the coach
  • To put the coachee in touch with her or his strengths  
  • To help the coachee achieve her or his full potential
  • To facilitate sustainable improvements
  • To ensure that the coachee gets what she or he really wants

Coaching has long been the order of the day in the USA. Today, regardless of their life situation or professional position, more and more people in Europe are deciding in favour of a personal coach who can coach them from being "good" to being "great". Many people find that once they have reached a certain hierarchical level or a certain level of performance they have already exhausted all the possibilities offered by standard training or professional further development. What you need at this point in your career and personal development is regular feedback from someone who is both professional and absolutely trustworthy. This form of reflection is indispensable when it comes to people’s future development and growth. It is essential to overcome entrenched personal conventions as well as thought and behaviour patterns. So, make that decision to work together with a coach who will accompany you every step of the way to your goal. To this end, the coach’s professionally independent methods play an important role as these work on a deeper psychological level. Thus the range of application is widened, conceptual barriers are broken down and results are sustainable and visible in every aspect of the coachee’s life.


Training comprises training and practice. When we learn something new we need to practice it until we have mastered it. The trainer imparts knowledge, gives guidance and feedback whilst the group provides support not least by the strong influence of team dynamics. Whereas individual coaching focuses solely on one person, training offers the possibility of getting divers feedback from group participants as well as the chance of taking both an active role and the role of an observer. By considering more points of view we can expand our perspective and give ourselves increased room to manoeuvre.

What constitutes good training? It …

  • promotes team cooperation 
  • facilitates the highlighting and steering of team dynamics
  • allows each participant to assume the role of the observer
  • boosts participant profiling
  • provides participants with a diversity of perspective

Training is an enriching investment in yourself or your company offering a wealth of development opportunities. It has been proved that employees in positions right up to as leadership level are less likely to leave their company when given the opportunity to further their own personal development through training and coaching.