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Here is an overview of current training. Individually tailored training plans are also available to meet goals and needs that are specific to your company.

Training / Coaching




Individual coaching pack

To achieve the coachees own personal and professional goals

10 x 60 minutes

1.650 EUR

Event-driven coaching

Preparation for such events as an interview, salary negotiation etc.

120 minutes

390 EUR

Couple coaching

Strengthening of the relationship

6 x 90 minutes

1.650 EUR

"What do I really want?"

Vision day for women

Impulse day to encourage orientation and to discover your own life goals

A day's training in a small group of 3 - 6 people

125 EUR

per person

"How to talk to men"

Communication training for women - the successful training programme from My Future

Success in communications with men on both a personal and professional level

3 training days

650 EUR

per person

"Sales: pleasant, successful and simply good"

Sales training - the key to success

Learn to enjoy sales and be successful

2 training days

750 EUR

per person

"Upsell for Success"

Communication and upsell training for the hospitality industry

Short term and long term increases in upsell turnover in the accommodation sector

12 x 2 half day training sessions over period of a year (i.e. a full day's training each month)

14.500 EUR

for the full pack for hotels

(max. 12 participants)

"Certified Service Seller"

Sales training for Sales Professionals

Readjustment of sales teams and preparation for new marketing situations

3 x 2 training days with two trainers including the coaching of sales leaders

13.500 EUR

fixed price for companies

(max. 12 participants)

Leadership Track I

Communication training

for emerging leaders

Understanding and training the basics of leadership qualities

3 x 2 training days over a period of six months

1.600 EUR

per person

Leadership Track II
Communication training
for middle management

Coaching your own team to high perform

4 x 2 training days over a period of a year

2.800 EUR

per person

Leadership Track III

High performance leadership training for executives

Coaching as mind-set, leadership principle and guarantee of success

6 x 2 training days with two coaches spread over a period of eight months

6.500 EUR

per person