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Client feedback

Feedback on Team Training and Leadership Training

"…My senior leadership team and I have taken part in a number of training sessions over the past few years. So our surprise and pleasure was even greater to discover that it can be quite different and far more effective: the training was more intensive, more engaging, with longer lasting effects immediately implementable. A team that had not been working well together for some time began from day one to develop a refreshing sense of team spirit. By the end of the training everyone was able to recognise each other’s strengths and the potential implicit in an entire team pulling together. We had a JOINT goal! We had never had so much pleasure and fun and still learnt so much. Most importantly, we all made strides in our own personal development."

Oliver Hasert, former Managing Director of the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda


Feedback on individual coaching

"I call it a complete stroke of luck that Melanie Ortner’s and my paths crossed. Not only do I really enjoy working with her but it also helps me take huge steps forward in my own personal development. I now see my potential far clearer and I see where this can be implemented to enable me to live both my professional and my private life even more to the full than before. Melanie Ortner helps me quite simply to find out exactly what I want. I consider the work we do together as something that really enriches my life. She recognises my strengths and encourages me to consistently work on developing them. I always come away from every session with new found positivity, energy and knowledge that I can adapt to the way I am as a leader in my job and to how I behave in my private life. Thank you so much for that!"

Diana Jäger, Sales and Marketing Director

"I have found more inner peace through finding out more about myself and understand far more about what it is in my day-today private life that was making me unhappy. Every individual coaching session brought surprising insights and increased perception. The understanding gained through coaching enabled me to focus more on the positive, encouraging aspects of my personality. This was a great experience for me."

Julia Herchenbach, Marketing Manager


Feedback on the "How to Talk to Men" communication training

"I thought I knew how to communicate with men, but Melanie Ortner showed me how much better this could be. During the three-day "How to Talk to Men" course I had one aha moment after another! How I achieve what I want when working with men – by conveying good feelings across to them. That’s probably the quintessence of this seminar. Putting this into practice is sometimes something that one needs to get used to but my first practical implementations have blown me away: it really does work!"

Carolin Jungmann, PR consultant

Media Archive Reference Companies

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  • and many more