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Dear readers,

"Coaching is for winners." In other words, coaching reaches out to people with potential who want to ensure and build on their successes. Deciding to take part in individual or team coaching and training is a decision in favour of development, growth and success.

For companies this means financial success, through increased sales, improved customer relationships, maximum levels of staff motivation, reductions in recruitments costs, optimised processes and much, much more. It has been proved that employees right up to leadership level are less likely to leave their company when given the opportunity to further their own personal development through training and coaching.

How an individual defines his or her own "personal success" is very subjective. To this end, lifestyle, personal and social skills can form the focus of coaching sessions just as much as economic success and career planning. In holistic coaching the methods and themes can be tailored 100% to the needs and goals of the individual being coached.

For some time now, middle and upper management have been using coaches as sparring partners. Self-reflection and regular feedback on one’s professional conduct and one’s communications skills are basic tools that are not only essential for personality development and maximising potential but they also support self-management.

Success will come to anyone who has the courage to invest in themselves or in the company they work for. Success will come to anyone who works together with a coach to set clearly defined goals and to map out how these are going to be achieved. Success will come to anyone who is prepared to assume new perspectives.


The decision is yours. With my know-how I will be with you every step of the way until you reach your goal!

Just do it!

Best wishes


Melanie Ortner